All Team Adventures

Ad Biz 

Great Team Adventure choice for testing your organization’s knowledge or to reinforce training on a new product, service or the visions & values of your company, plus this is BIG FUN!

All Sports Scramble 

This is the Team Adventure for you if your group is a bunch of FANatics!

Bikes for Kids 

Each member of your team will help build a bike that will change the life of a child.

Blizzard Bowl  

We incorporate the best winter FUN into some real team bonding in the brrrrr cold.

Bridging the Gap  

Through crazy & fun trivia and challenges the teams will earn all the needed materials and plans to build a bridge.

Build a Better Mousetrap  

This team program is based on the best selling book “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson.

Catapult Chaos  

This is an awesome construction competition that has a great climatic & theatrical ending that your group will love!

Colorado Extreme Adventure  

Your teams will participate in all of the best activities Colorado has to offer from all four beautiful seasons.

Conservation Rangers  

You will be split into teams and participate in wacky challenges to determine who will be in charge of the conservation effort.

Corporate Recess 

Remember when Recess was your favorite subject? Has anything really changed that much?

Day at the Races 

Think Kentucky Derby, Daytona, Tour de France, World Cup and the other famous races of the world.

Facilitation and Training Programs  

Dynamic and interactive workshops that allow teams to integrate company culture and individual's styles to create outrageous cohesive teams that provide measurable results.

Field Day  

You still crave the time to take a break, have a great time, play all afternoon, and create some strong bonds with friends.

Field of Dreams 

You'll be batting a thousand with this one! There is just something about baseball activities in the summer that your team will love.

Football Fantasy  

Your adventure will unfold at the world-renowned Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Game Show Mania  

A customize program using your facts and data to create all of the questions and answers or choose some Pop Trivia.

Global Solar Giving 

Teams will be challenged to create solar ovens and bake cookies. For each team participating in the challenge an actual solar oven will be donated to global charities.  

Great Race  

The teams will be given a backpack filled with tools, maps, schedule, and clues including Road Blocks, Fast Forwards, or Detours.

Into the Hive 

Teams will learn all about organization, membership, division of work, supporting the team, and communication through the Beehive model.

Lights, Camera, Action 

Great choice for testing your organization’s knowledge or to reinforce training on a new product, service or the visions & values of your company.

Minute to Win It  

Show us the blue print! You have a minute to win it – Good Luck!!


A Team adventure with an International Olympic flair.

Par for the Course 

Your group will be divided into 9 or 18 teams and each team will have all the necessary equipment to build their own putt-putt golf hole.


Teams will have to solve the clues, answer the questions, and take the pictures as a group.

Someone's in the Kitchen  

You & your guests will get the opportunity to create a gourmet dinner together while interacting with the chef and his culinary team.

Snowmobile Scaventures  

Exciting adventures with an extreme sports and high-tech twist.


Your group will create cohesion and learn some communication skills while making charitable contributions to local children’s charities.

Survival Island 

The group of castaways will be broken into tribes that go head to head at each reward challenge.

Toy Workshops 

Teams must solve challenges and puzzles successfully as a team to earn the supplies they need to create the toys to be donated.

Visions and Values Sculpture 

This is a collaborative activity where the artistic and creative abilities of your group will be encouraged to flourish!

Western Round Up 

The Colorado outdoors is calling your Company to rise to the challenge and compete in the western experiences that Colorado has to offer.

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